What to Expect on a Rhino River Lodge Safari

What to Expect on a Rhino River Lodge Safari

One question people often ask before they book a safari is “What can we expect to see during our stay?” This is especially pertinent when people are on their first safari or their first visit to a new game reserve. It’s always good to know what animals are living in the reserve you want to visit and what the likelihood is that you will get to see those animals. The Zululand Rhino Reserve is fast becoming one of the best wildlife viewing reserves in Kwa Zulu Natal. We thought we would let wildlife photographer Heidi Watson’s pictures from her recent four night safari serve as an example of what guests might expect to see while staying at Rhino River Lodge.


A male lion struts down the road


Our lodge is located in the southern portion of the Zululand Rhino Reserve, along the banks of the Msunduze River. The river is dry for a large portion of the year and comes down in flood during the heavy rains. However, the water which runs just under the surface and riverine vegetation combine for a habitat that supports large numbers of antelope species. Where the antelope go, the predators are sure to follow!
Two hyaena sighted near a suspected den site
These two brothers are a known cheetah “coalition” in the reserve.

The Zululand Rhino Reserve is a privately owned game reserve and what that means for guests is that there are no long queues at wildlife sightings. Guests are guided by professional game rangers on open-air game drive vehicles. While none of our animals are tracked for viewing purposes, our rangers stay in contact with each other and with the rangers from other lodges on the reserve to share information on sightings and to ensure that no more than two vehicles are ever on any sighting at the same time. This ensures a great game-viewing experience for our guests and also a low stress environment for our animals.
A tender moment as a baby giraffe nurses from its mother
A magnificent male waterbuck


The Zululand Rhino Reserve is home to the big five-elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalo-but just as importantly we also protect a number of endangered species like cheetah, wild dog, and black rhino.
Close up and personal with a gentle giant
A special sighting of a rare black rhino
Endgangered and highly underrated, the social African wild dog is one of the most interesting carnivores to see
Comical ostriches run across the bushveld


If you are keen on birds you are in for a treat. The birding in the ZRR is world class. Even for those people not specifically interested in birds, the beautiful colours of many of our regularly viewed bird species are absolutely breath-taking and may just convert you into a “twitcher”.
It’s hard to believe a bird can be as beautiful as the little bee-eater
Oxpeckers feast on ticks off a zebra’s back
Magic moments at Rhino River Lodge

Each guest’s experience is unique and there is a bit of luck involved, but that’s all part of the magic of safari.
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