Staff Feature: Slindile Nyandeni

Staff Feature: Slindile Nyandeni

This month’s staff feature is on our receptionist Slindile Nyandeni. Sli handles our reservations and is most likely the first face you will see when you arrive at Rhino River Lodge. She also helps out with meal service down at the lodge and handles a host of other guest service duties. Her infectious smile and bright energy set a positive tone at the lodge. Here she shares a little about herself and offers a little advice for safari guests.

1. What brought you to work at Rhino River Lodge? I was actually browsing through bush holiday accommodation for me and my friends and I read the Trip Advisor reviews for Rhino River Lodge. Being a hospitality graduate I just knew I wanted to be a part of that team. Who knew that shortly I would make my first contact with them and there was a job available? I would call it perfect timing!

2. What is your favorite part of your job? Hospitality is my passion, which makes me enjoy every part of my job. The city girl in my enjoys working in the office doing reservations and the bush giirl in my enjoys being out and interacting with guests, listening to their bush experiences.

3. What is your favorite part of living in the bush? I am a city girl, so just being away from the city…the traffic and loud music. In the bush life experience I have learned a lot about nature and the wild…something you might never think about when all that surrounds you are big buildings and shopping malls.

4. What is your best memory at Rhino River Lodge? RRL is like a home to me. My great team, from management to grounds staff…we all strive for 5 star service and to ensure our guests are happy.

5. What should guests coming from abroad know about South Africa? SA is a beautiful country. Most know of it’s great hospitality and friendly personalities. And we do not all live in mud houses! And, no, lions don’t roam around the street as some think that is house Africa is. It helps to come with an open mind as there is so much to learn.

6. If you could give guests coming for their first safari three tips or suggestions, what would they be? Bring comfortable clothing, a camera, and enjoy nature first hand. There is so much one can learn! 

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