Staff Feature: Bonisiwe Zungu

Staff Feature: Bonisiwe Zungu

Bonisiwe, or as she is known by her nick-name “Siza”, is one of our newest staff members. She is our assistant cook in the Rhino River Lodge kitchen. Siza has been one of our favourite additions to the Rhino River Lodge staff as she approaches everything she does with a big smile and a positive attitude. Not to mention, she is a really fantastic cook as well! We get to know Siza a bit better through this interview….


What is your favorite part of being a cook at Rhino River Lodge?
I really like to cook because it always makes my mind creative with ideas of new things that will make the guest happy.

How do you get inspiration for new recipes?
I get inspiration from other professional chefs that I have worked with and on the internet as well. I really like to play with recipes from the internet. Also from my training course on catering.

What is your favorite recipe to prepare for guests on safari? Why?
I do have a few favorite recipes to prepare for guests, my rolly-polly pudding for dessert and my mushroom soup for starter. My rolly-polly pudding is a baked pudding kind of like malva pudding. It’s a South African recipe that guests like. My mushroom soup everyone seems to really like.

Will you share an easy South-African recipe with us?
Siza’s South African Rolly-Polly Pudding

2 cups sugar
2 cups water
125 g margarine
2 cups self-raising flour
60 ml apricot or strawberry jam

Mix 1 cup of sugar, 2 cups self-raising flour and 125g margarine.
After mixed together roll on baking table with rolling pin, spread 60 ml jam on top.
Roll up like a swiss roll.
Place on greased baking tray.
Make the sauce by dissolving the remaining cup sugar into the water and bringing to a boil.
Pour the sauce over the pudding, cover with aluminum foil and bake for 1 hour at 180 degrees.

Serve with homemade custard. Yum!

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