Experience a Green KwaZulu-Natal Safari in South Africa’s Summer

Experience a Green KwaZulu-Natal Safari in South Africa’s Summer

Experience a beautifully lush and warm KwaZulu-Natal safari in South Africa’s summer months.

Summer in the South African bush is a season of abundance. The regular (often daily) rains fill rivers and create new pools, while the vegetation blooms in lush grasses, colourful wildflowers and trees laden with new shoots. The scenery is a feast for the eyes and for those that enjoy landscape photography, the rains also mean refreshed skies and dramatic light to really enhance this setting.
A green season safari in South Africa’s summer (November to February) can be just as rewarding as a dry season safari (June to October). Because of the rains, animals will be harder to track and spot, but finding a pride of lions feasting on a kudu will be worth the effort. Plus, you’ll probably be the only car there!

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October marks the transition from dry season to wet season. By November and December, the rainy season is in full swing. The park turns green and spotting animals becomes more difficult. However, this is the time of year for calving and it can be possible to see newborns. Malaria-carrying mosquitos return and the risk of contracting the disease increases. Daytime temperatures begin to reach their hottest at this time of year and nights are warm.

While wildlife may be able to hide better in this dense bush, which makes game-viewing a bit more tricky than during winter, something wonderful takes place over this time that might just make up for this. Summer is baby boom season for many ungulates and these newborns add a major cute factor to game drives. It is near impossible to not smile and chuckle at wobbly-legged babies and playful youngsters chasing each other through the grass.

The plentiful vegetation keeps the herbivores well-fed and in healthy condition. This, together with the numerous vulnerable calves around, attract predators and their scavenging counterparts. Birds come out in a cacophonous and colourful show in the summer. It is the time for birding safaris as migratory birds arrive in breeding plumage to build their nests, mate and rear their young in the warmer climate.

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