Rhino River Lodge: A Safari You Will Never Forget

You would be surprised at the number of “hidden gems” that are located in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa. Situated about a three-and-a-half-hour drive north of Durban, Rhino River Lodge is one place I will never forget.

Guest Experience Highlight: Alison Langevad

Recently photographer, Alison Langevad paid us a visit at Rhino River Lodge. Here she shares with us some of the stunning photos that she captured during her stay with us. We asked Alison to tell us a little bit about her photography: “I enjoy both sport and wildlife photography. I first became interested in wildlife […]

A new Guest in Camp

Every so often we get an unusual visitor in the camp. Our camp has an electric strand that encircles the camp at about eye-level to keep the big animals out, but that means it can let the little animals in too… We have had all kinds of animals that have popped in during the night. […]

Rhino Notching!

There were still dew crystals scattered on the long blades on grass and the fresh winter chill was keeping us awake, when we headed off early one morning on what we thought was a regular morning drive. I had a small group of people with me who all got along famously and I was thoroughly […]

The Lions are coming!

Wow, it has been a while since our last blog post…but we’ve got some great news! Zululand Rhino Reserve, the reserve that Rhino River Lodge is situated in, has finally procured a small pride of Lions. We’ve been planning and arranging for nearly a year for the introduction of the “King of the Jungle” and […]

Unlucky Reedbuck….Lucky us!

The day was a dreary, misty foggy day. The expectations for any great sightings were pretty low but we decided to head out any way in search of the elusive Giraffe. We headed out to the open plains of Zen Zulu with a light drizzle slowly coating us all with a sticky moisture. From a […]

Little Leopard and Cheetah Spots

There is a beautiful little Leopard that we have been very lucky to see every now and then. I have mentioned a great sighting we had of it in a previous post, but we have been seeing the little thing a bit more frequently since then. Dale had a great sighting of her right on […]

Rangers Report – October 2010

There must be a very tired Stork somewhere after delivering a few special parcels with us at Rhino River. The babies we have wondering around now include a few new Giraffe, some very little Nyala lambs and a brand new baby White Rhino! On a game drive recently, I took a route that is not […]

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