Rhino River Lodge: A Safari You Will Never Forget

You would be surprised at the number of “hidden gems” that are located in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), South Africa. Situated about a three-and-a-half-hour drive north of Durban, Rhino River Lodge is one place I will never forget.

Mirror sailor safari!

Come sailing in the stunning waters of Durban for the Mirror World Championships. We would like to extend an invitation to complement your worlds with a safari experience at Rhino River Lodge.

Failproof Tips for an Epic Family Safari in South Africa

People on game drive watch buffalo standing in water drinking

What better way to renew and refresh ties than on a family safari in South Africa? Mixing up a long school holiday by taking the family to the bush is an exciting way to escape the busyness of the city and the routines of home. And our four tried and tested simple tips will take your […]

Experience a Green KwaZulu-Natal Safari in South Africa’s Summer

Experience a beautifully lush and warm KwaZulu-Natal safari in South Africa’s summer months. Summer in the South African bush is a season of abundance. The regular (often daily) rains fill rivers and create new pools, while the vegetation blooms in lush grasses, colourful wildflowers and trees laden with new shoots. The scenery is a feast […]

Our Top 5 Reasons to Visit South Africa

Welcome to our beautiful country! If you are looking for reasons to visit South Africa, here are our favourite five, although we must admit that there are so many more. 1. Epic Big 5 sightings South Africa is a stronghold of the iconic Big 5 and is in fact celebrated by safari-goers and wildlife enthusiasts […]

Manyoni Pangolin Conservation Success ‘Scales’ Up

Pangolin digging in sand hill part of pangolin conservation in Manyoni Private Game Reserve

There have been some truly heart-warming tales of the Manyoni pangolins lately. So this World Pangolin Day this year, we are celebrating the pangolin conservation success stories unfolding right here in our ‘back-yard’.For two years now, the Temminck’s ground pangolin (Smutsia temminckii) has been given refuge in Manyoni Private Game Reserve, which forms part of […]

Join Our Wildlife Conservation Safari in Zululand

African wild dog stands looking away from camera in Manyoni Private Game Reserve

The Wildlife Conservation Safari in Manyoni Private Game Reserve is a specialised itinerary for those who are interested in joining the Wildlife ACT professionals on the ground, participating in and understanding what is happening in the field of South African wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation safari If this is you, consider joining us for this unique […]

Manyoni’s Thriving Cheetah Population

cheetah conservation in kwazulu natal

Manyoni Private Game Reserve has a thriving cheetah population, and we are becoming well known for the outstanding cheetah sightings that guests often experience while staying with us. Cheetahs have disappeared from 90% of their original historic roaming grounds in Africa, and it is estimated that there are only approximately 7100 cheetahs left in the […]

Vultures pull rank in the Zululand Bush

The trees were heavily laden with vultures, like balloons at a party. Everywhere we looked they stared down at us, eager eyes, menacing grins, perched ready and waiting. White-backed vultures crowded the low branches of the acacia tree, anticipating the feast that was soon to come.   “There must be a kill around here somewhere guys, […]

New kids on the block in Zululand Rhino Reserve

Written by Hillary Gaertner Good things come in threes. From fairytales to Hollywood blockbusters or, in this case, animal babies in the bush, the “rule of three” seems to always apply. Zululand Rhino Reserve has recently been blessed with three different species of young. The reserve welcomed elephant calves, cheetah cubs and a rhino calf, […]

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