The Buffalo Boss

Side portrait of buffalo with large horns

Out here in the bush, we don’t take ‘the bull by the horns’, we take ‘the buffalo by the boss’. Not literally, of course! That would be a death sentence, which many a lion has experienced when taking on a buffalo. This beast charged its way into Africa’s iconic Big 5 because of its size, […]

Best collective nouns for animals on safari

On an African safari, if you have a knowledgeable game ranger, you are likely to learn all sorts of new and interesting information about the animals you see. One of our favourite bits of information to share are the collective nouns used for some of the species. A collective noun is the name given to […]

Tips for Taking Children on Safari

Tips for Taking Children on Safari Written by Shannon Airton What? Take children on an African safari? The notion of taking kids on safari may seem both enticing and impractical. You imagine the exciting wildlife encounters, the iconic photographs you’ll take, the quality time spent with family and the lifelong memories you all will cherish. […]

First time safari tips from rangers in the know

For the first time safari traveller, going on safari can be an overwhelming prospect. Often considered a bucket list trip, expectations are high and the territory is unfamiliar and a little intimidating. Here we offer some advice to help prepare safari goers, courtesy of the guys who know the business best – game rangers!  We […]

Guest Experience Highlight: Alison Langevad

Recently photographer, Alison Langevad paid us a visit at Rhino River Lodge. Here she shares with us some of the stunning photos that she captured during her stay with us. We asked Alison to tell us a little bit about her photography: “I enjoy both sport and wildlife photography. I first became interested in wildlife […]

Guest Experience Highlight: Terry Lewis

Terry and his wife recently came to spend a night with us at Rhino River Lodge. He captured our attention when he posted the lovely photos he took during his stay to Facebook. We thought we would take the opportunity to share some of those photos with you along with a little bit of their […]

Interview with a ranger: Frances Hannah

Frances Hannah is our head ranger here at Rhino River Lodge. We love Frances for her sharp sense of humour and calm presence. Frances may be a ranger by trade but she is one of the best writers we know and writes some of the best bush stories in the business. Frances shared a little […]

King of the Jungle

Stereotypes are way too simple, you know: black rhino are shy and retiring, the lion is the king of the jungle … ranger Frances Hannah explains that what you expect is not always what you get. I was approaching a block of open plane grassland, the male lion and lioness were well hidden in the […]

The day we had a Big 4 sighting…

It all started with a great black rhino sighting on our morning drive. It was a big bull, and he came right up to the vehicle to investigate us. I had to ask him very nicely to move away before switching on the vehicles ignition and getting ready to move off. He kindly obliged and […]

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