Manyoni Pangolin Conservation Success ‘Scales’ Up

Pangolin digging in sand hill part of pangolin conservation in Manyoni Private Game Reserve

There have been some truly heart-warming tales of the Manyoni pangolins lately. So this World Pangolin Day this year, we are celebrating the pangolin conservation success stories unfolding right here in our ‘back-yard’.For two years now, the Temminck’s ground pangolin (Smutsia temminckii) has been given refuge in Manyoni Private Game Reserve, which forms part of […]

Join Our Wildlife Conservation Safari in Zululand

African wild dog stands looking away from camera in Manyoni Private Game Reserve

The Wildlife Conservation Safari in Manyoni Private Game Reserve is a specialised itinerary for those who are interested in joining the Wildlife ACT professionals on the ground, participating in and understanding what is happening in the field of South African wildlife conservation. Wildlife conservation safari If this is you, consider joining us for this unique […]

Manyoni’s Thriving Cheetah Population

cheetah conservation in kwazulu natal

Manyoni Private Game Reserve has a thriving cheetah population, and we are becoming well known for the outstanding cheetah sightings that guests often experience while staying with us. Cheetahs have disappeared from 90% of their original historic roaming grounds in Africa, and it is estimated that there are only approximately 7100 cheetahs left in the […]

The African Wild Dog

When children become interested in wildlife and conservation, it’s not only extremely heart-warming but also so encouraging to see the next generation getting involved from such a young age.  This is why we were so touched when we recently received an essay about African wild dogs written by one of our guests due to visit […]

Catching and releasing vultures for conservation

Written by Shannon Airton Clouds hung heavily in the sky, mercifully shading us from the searing sun while we waited. Beneath the clouds our desired subjects flew in wide graceful circles, using thermals to scope out the carcass on the ground below. Vultures flew in swiftly from other reserves and seemed determined to join the […]

Spotted hyaena rescued from a poacher’s snare

Written by Shannon Airton and Frances Hannah While on a game drive, Rhino River Lodge guests came across a hyena with a snare around its neck. Springing into action, the team from the Zululand Rhino Reserve and Rhino River Lodge spent the next three days dedicated to making sure that they were able to remove […]

Rhino River Lodge takes rhino poaching personally

The rhino poaching crisis is continuing unabated. All too frequently we are bombarded with violent images of rhinos slaughtered, survivors with their horns brutally hacked off leaving horrible wounds, and poachers shot dead during battles with anti-poaching units. The tragic headlines and images assault us almost daily. The news is important and the world needs […]

A rhino named Lucky

Recently guests at Rhino River Lodge have been getting up close and personal with a very special rhino that often approaches vehicles and rubs them with her horn in search of food. “Lucky” is her name, she is one of the rare survivors of a poaching attempt, and this is her story.   On 8th […]

2 Stunning Discoveries by Institute of Biomimicry

The Institute of Bio mimicry looks for answers to our day to day problems in the natural world and intends to turn them into easy solutions. 1) Ever wondered why zebras have black and white stripes? The zebra’s stripes have more than one function. One function that can be mimicked is their cooling mechanism. The […]

The BIG 5… We have them!

On the 1st of July 2011, Zululand Rhino Reserve officially became a Big 5 reserve with the introduction of 3 male lions. An historical day for conservation, returning lions to an area that they previously inhabited.  The 3 young males have been in a boma at Phinda Game Reserve for the last couple of weeks, […]

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