The Cheetah, the Jackal, and the Vulture

It’s not uncommon for our guests to witness predators on a kill, or even executing a hunt. Witnessing the cycle of life in person is a privilege that we’re not exposed to in the hustle and bustle of city life, but out here in the wild, it’s an everyday wildlife saga that occurs in nature. […]

New kids on the block in Zululand Rhino Reserve

Written by Hillary Gaertner Good things come in threes. From fairytales to Hollywood blockbusters or, in this case, animal babies in the bush, the “rule of three” seems to always apply. Zululand Rhino Reserve has recently been blessed with three different species of young. The reserve welcomed elephant calves, cheetah cubs and a rhino calf, […]

Outnumbered cheetahs outsmart wild dogs

The scene was set for a three part performance, and the whole extravaganza unravelled like any drama should. The only difference was that this was a real life bushveld sighting, not a film – and popcorn wasn’t included. On a morning game drive from Rhino River Lodge led by ranger Frances Hannah, the air was […]

Rangers Report – September 2010

So last month ended with a fantastic sighting of a Leopard with an Impala carcass. We were truly spoilt with that sighting and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more, but Mother Nature had another surprise in store for us… With the traversing that we are doing across Zululand Rhino Reserve, all the rangers […]

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