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October 2013

We Got a Bush Toilet!

By Bush Dinner, Toilet

Sometimes it’s the little thing that make all difference.  We’ve been having Bush Dinners every Wednesday and Saturday during October (book now, we still have some vacancies), but planning the occasion meant the girls had to have some serious input.

So we got a bush toilet!  It’s porcelain, it flushes, and guests can enjoy dinner drinks without having to worry about the consequence.


The bush dinners have proved extremely popular. The evening game drive ends in the bed of the uMsunduze River at a natural crossing.  We set out the tables with white linen for a 3-course meal, parking the game drive vehicles as a shield on one side and lighting a bonfire on the other.  With the clear skies of the past few weeks and light from the moon the lantern and candle-lit setting is quite beautiful.